Troy Turner, State Farm

"Debbie accelerated the onboarding and ramp up of my newly hired team when I opened the doors to my agency. Within two weeks, they could effectively navigate the systems, provide quotes for potential clients and close new business resulting in a return on my investment in less than 30 days. Further, she relieved the administrative burden on me which allowed me to focus on what I do well. If you need to expedite the performance of your team, I would definitely recommend her."


Kyle Stock, Team Member

I made the commitment to pursue a career in the insurance industry. I recognized that I needed guidance from someone who had the experience.


I had to pass the test as soon as possible so that I could start my new job. It was a bit daunting, but Debbie was able to guide me through the paces on how to study, what to study and how to make the best use of my time.  


What I most appreciated was her sense of humor, encouragement and her genuine care about me as a person. She totally connected with me on my style of learning and matched her approach with what I needed. I will continue to retain her as my coach for onboarding and career pathing so I can ramp up as quickly as possible.


I would highly recommend her for anyone entering this industry. It will definitely propel you to success.