Leap of Faith

Do you have dreams for your career or a business, but uncertain about taking the first step? Do you feel like there is more, but not sure if you will land on your feet?

If you have watched any Indiana Jones movies, you might remember this scene from The Last Crusade. He emerges from a cave to the end of a cliff with a tremendously deep ravine. As a learned archeologist, his research told him about a crystal bridge that lead from this one cave to the other side. He got to the edge, looked for the crystal bridge, but only saw the ravine below. He knew the bridge was there, but couldn’t see it. What to do? Take a step or turn back?

That’s often what it feels like when you start a business. You know the next step is there, you know the next opportunity is there, you know there are clients out there you can help, you just can’t see it all right now. When Indiana Jones takes the step, his foot lands squarely on the crystal bridge and he stands firm. Then another step, another and then the last that gets him to the other side.

I know, it’s scary. I know, it’s a leap of faith. I know, it may seem impossibly crazy when you can’t see how you can take the next step-----but you must take it anyway. You can read all the books on starting a business, you can write all the business plans, you can plot and plan, but you still have to take that step that might seem impossible and you wonder if you will fall or fail.

You might not be a business owner. You might be a new salesperson starting out. You might be new at just about anything, but you have a goal in mind and a treasure to find.

Take a leap of faith. Often, a bridge, an opportunity, a client will show up right when you need it. Believe and know that you will land on your feet.

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