Do It and Grow!

Updated: Jun 30

My sister recently invited my mother and I over to her house to make lasagna from scratch for our dinner that night. My mother is Italian but it had been years since she made lasagna.

My sister is a trained culinary chef so she knows how to do everything from scratch. She had made the dough for the lasagna noodles and they needed to be fed through the pasta maker.

My mother was in charge of turning the crank on the pasta maker and my sister would feed the pasta through the feeder. As they started to work together, the first few pieces came out like wrinkled shirts and some broke apart. But my sister took those pieces and mashed them back together and then slowly re-fed them through the pasta maker while my mother cranked the handle.

My sister kept talking about how the noodles needed to look rather than what was actually coming out of the feeder.

My mother is 91 years old and very sharp. She is a bottom line person that gets to the point without a lot of flourish. In response to my sister’s descriptions, she suddenly said: “Do it and grow!”

My sister and I both just cracked up because of the way that she said it. She was saying: “just keep going and it will grow into the thing you are trying to accomplish”.

I immediately hopped on that phrase and realized that it applied to life, business and anything else you attempt.

I often expect perfection when I start something new. I realize that I expect whatever I am doing to be great right out of the gate. But I have been working on slowing down and allowing myself to take the time to work through my first attempts and reiterating as I go rather than thinking about it in my head and expecting perfection.

By allowing a process to play out, my creativity is given room and the result is better than what I expected at the start.

As my mother cranked the pasta maker and my sister kept feeding the lasagna noodles through the feeder, the noodles soon became the thin, even, lovely pieces that were ready for assembly with the most luscious ricotta cheese and homemade sauce. It just took a little time and was well worth the wait. I had two helpings!

So, if you are thinking of that new thing but haven’t started it yet because you are afraid it won’t be the best at first, just “Do it and grow!”

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