Why we do it


I have been a sales and marketing leader for over 25 years building teams and businesses in the technology sector.


I have also been a business owner and a team member, so I understand both sides of the equation. I landed in the insurance business “by accident” and had to learn an entirely new industry. I saw what works and what doesn't. 


My personal story drives my desire to help new entrants in the insurance profession understand what their contribution can make in the lives of families and individuals. 

In 1967, my father died suddenly at 46 years old and left three small children under the age of seven to be raised by my mother. He was a partner in a growing and successful business. My mother had no visibility into the business finances and was advised to take a lump sum buyout of $25,000. A life insurance policy paid out only $10,000. 


This tragic and unexpected event set the trajectory of our family. As a result, I understand that putting in place critically important insurance provisions can have a huge impact in the face of tragic loss. 

As an insurance professional, you have a unique opportunity to impact people’s lives for the future.

Let us help you get there.

Debbie Gee, Founder