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Accelerating Performance for New Insurance Professionals

Get your new hires ramped and closing business in less than 30 days



What we do

Maximum Strategies has developed and delivers a proven roadmap onboarding and training system that rapidly ramps up new insurance professionals with less stress and faster/higher quality sales and overall performance for a great rate.

Ad hoc and observation training takes time and often doesn't get the job done. New hires struggle with connecting the dots on navigating systems, quoting multiple policies, client questions and closing sales. 


Rather than waiting for results for weeks or months, your new hires will be closing multi-line business and delivering remarkable customer service in less than 30 days.  You will have a better team, happier customers and a growing agency.


If you want to  accelerate the performance of new team members and reduce the training burden on you and your existing team members, then give us a call at 703-855-3777. 

"Debbie accelerated the onboarding and ramp up of my newly hired team when I opened the doors to my agency. Within two weeks, they could effectively navigate the systems, provide quotes for potential clients and close new business resulting in a return on my investment in less than 30 days. Further, she relieved the administrative burden on me which allowed me to focus on what I do well. If you need to expedite the performance of your team, I would definitely recommend her."

– Troy Turner, The Turner Agency, State Farm





Why we do it


I have been a sales and marketing leader for over 25 years building teams and businesses in the technology sector.


I have also been a business owner and a team member, so I understand both sides of the equation. I landed in the insurance business “by accident” and had to learn an entirely new industry. I saw what works and what doesn't. 


My personal story drives my desire to help new entrants in the insurance profession understand what their contribution can make in the lives of families and individuals. 

In 1967, my father died suddenly at 46 years old and left three small children under the age of seven to be raised by my mother. He was a partner in a growing and successful business. My mother had no visibility into the business finances and was advised to take a lump sum buyout of $25,000. A life insurance policy paid out only $10,000. 


This tragic and unexpected event set the trajectory of our family. As a result, I understand that putting in place critically important insurance provisions can have a huge impact in the face of tragic loss. 

As an insurance professional, you have a unique opportunity to impact people’s lives for the future.

Let us help you get there.

Debbie Gee, Founder


A Path to Performance and Success

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If you are an agent, have you found the perfect candidate you want to hire, but they need to get licensed? Have you landed your first insurance position but won't be able to start until you passed the test? We effectively coach candidates to pass their licensing test and accelerate their readiness to join your team.


Our proven QuickStart Roadmap training gets your new team members effectively onboarded, servicing clients and closing business in less than 30 days.  Choose on-site or Zoom delivery options. We guarantee a return on investment while reducing the administrative burden on you as the Agent Owner. Ask us about our testimonials.


Our Advisory Membership provides on-going support, coaching, tips and mentorship that will get your team member closing more sales with multiple products  which improves client retention. Stay a step ahead with practical strategies designed for extraordinary success.


Could Not Have Done It Otherwise

At Maximum Strategies, LLC, we care about the candidates who choose to work with us. We get them up and running so they can build their skill sets, acquire competencies and become a productive member of the team. Check out what my satisfied clients have to say and get in touch today.

I made the commitment to pursue a career in the insurance industry. I recognized that I needed guidance from someone who had the experience.


I had to pass the test as soon as possible so that I could start my new job. It was a bit daunting, but Debbie was able to guide me through the paces on how to study, what to study and how to make the best use of my time.  


What I most appreciated was her sense of humor, encouragement and her genuine care about me as a person. She totally connected with me on my style of learning and matched her approach with what I needed. I will continue to retain her as my coach for onboarding and career pathing so I can ramp up as quickly as possible.


I would highly recommend her for anyone entering this industry. It will definitely propel you to success.

Kyle Stock

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Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

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